Breakfast at Tiffany’s par Concrete frames

Woman showcased reflecting at a chandelier

Evanescent and precarious figure,

Men worth a million as hanging jewelry is

Scrutinized like a gold mine

The girl has no guts !

Facing booze and rats galore

Though falling in love with small fry

Four words to utter and unbound the spell :


Suitcase phone beginnings and iced-ballerina pumps

Rouses blue diamonds’ masks and morning fancy,

Locked out in a play without key lights

Darling sweet talks reports at Sing Sing

Under the light shade the cat lies on a purple sofa…

Freely inspired from the movie « Breakfast at Tiffany’s, »

by director Blake Edwards

This one goes out to all the socialites around the world.

Copyright ©  Céline Burr

Toute reproduction ou copie même partielle est strictement interdite sans l’autorisation écrite de l’auteure

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